The SunCoast Skating Team Showcase Program was founded at AdventHealth Center Ice in 2022. Our program was comprised of one team in the 2022 season and plans to continue to offer group ensembles for years to come.  The team was formed to provide the skaters in our community the unique opportunity to participate in a national-level event and be a part of a competitive team program to enhance their artistic and theatrical performance capabilities. 

The Details

Team Practices

School Year: Weekly on-ice & off-ice practices on Saturdays or Sundays
Summer: Weekly on-ice & off-ice practices during the week.


Dates to be determined


June/July Exhibitions
National July 31 - August 5: National Showcase in Boston, Ma
Winter Show Exhibitions


Gear is not included in costs. All skaters must purchase the proper gear needed for competitions and practices. We will have branded jackets and shirts for skaters to purchase. Plain black leggings must be work for practice.

Single Skaters

Single Skaters of all ages and levels can participate in showcase in the following categories:

Emotional Performance

Choreographic Artistry

Juvenile - Senior, Adult Masters only

Lyrical Pop

Character Performance

Comedic Impressions


Group Skaters

A highlight of showcase events is the opportunity for skaters to compete in a group. Club members and friends alike can enter these events to have fun and show off their theatrical skating skills. Groups can participate in the following events:


Two or three competitors perform a theatrical program with the option to use props and scenery.

Mini Production Ensembles

Groups of four to eight skaters perform together with the option to use props and scenery.

Production Ensembles

Nine or more competitors perform a program together with the option to use props and scenery.


$ 400 plus tax
  • Includes ice time & coaching for practices.
Team Fee
$ 100 plus tax
  • Includes additional coaching, practices team supplies and team party.

Competition Costs

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon

Syncrhonized Program

Learn about our SunCoast Skating Team – Synchronized Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Showcase is unlike any other discipline in figure skating as there is no technical requirements and is only judged off the interpretation and performance of the music, and the skaters ability to evoke emotion from the audience.  The freedom from requirements provides a skater the ability to express their passion and joy for skating in any form that appeals to them. The SunCoast Skating Team Showcase Program offers the benefit of team unity, builds self-confidence, teaches good sportsmanship, and creates new lifelong friendships, while improving your artistry skills at a competitive level.

Skaters interested in the SunCoast Skating Team showcase group productions are encouraged to also participate in individual or duet/trio events to maximize their experience at the National Showcase competition. 

Showcase is an exciting theatrical opportunity for skaters who love entertaining crowds. The skaters and audience alike enjoy a thrilling performance that fuses figure skating with artistic creativity. With the use of props, elaborate costumes and theatrical performance, showcase fuses figure skating with artistic creativity. Showcase events are open at many nonqualifying competitions for single skaters, duets, small ensembles and production numbers. 

Gift Cards can be purchased at the Front Desk or online!

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