Global Prospects Academy


The Global Prospects Academy (GPA) is an elite development hockey academy based in Tampa, FL. The Hockey Academy features the highest levels of training in the disciplines of ice hockey, ice skating, and sports performance/recovery, accompanied by an educational curriculum partnership designed to meet the unique needs of elite competitive athletes.  

Global Prospects Academy encompasses ice hockey training platforms for ages 8 to 17, not only attracting athletes from the local/regional community but from international destinations. The access to educational freedom allows flexibility to the student and family and the ability to excel in both sport and academics. 



The educational curriculum for Global Prospects Academy is provided by North Tampa Christian Academy (NTCA), an accredited college preparatory private institution in Tampa, FL. It is approxmiately 3.1 miles, or less than a ten-minute drive, from GPA. North Tampa Christian Academy provides an immersive on-campus experience that encourages innovation through project-based learning and an engaging thematic structure. Global Prospect Academy students will graduate with a College Prep Diploma and academically NCAA eligible. The NTCA academic office will advise GPA students and create an academic plan that could include Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, Honors, and enrichment courses.



What's included:

  • 60 minutes of daily ice time for skills, drills, and scrimmages plus 60 minutes of off-ice conditioning, focusing on physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, agility, and flexibility with a complete recovery platform, strength and conditioning, and mobility. 
  • 30 minutes of classroom/tutorial time to focus on strategies and tactics, nutrition, general well-being, and character development. 
  • Apparel: Two practice jerseys, socks, hoodie, t-shirt, shorts & backpack.

Full Participation

Hockey + Educational Curriculum
$ 21,995

Hockey Component Only

Hockey Season Only. No Academic
$ 13,495

Hockey-Only Day Rate

plus $50 one-time admin fee
$ 85 per day

Registration Fee

Tax Only Applicable on the Registration Fee
$ 495 plus tax


  • 2021-2020 Tampa Bay Crunch Players: $750 off the program cost 
  • 10% sibling discount for each additional household member