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Frequently Asked Questions

North Tampa Christian Academy carefully selects textbooks that incorporate Christian values from a Bible-based perspective. On NTCA’s campus, worship and prayer are a part of daily student life. NTCA’s approach to Christian education is one of inclusivity, acceptance, and respect. Our team values each individual student and their family.

NTCA’s curriculum is in accordance with its accrediting bodies. In meeting the standards of each class, NTCA utilizes textbooks, including e-books, from the top, leading educational publishers.

Yes, all curriculum is in accordance with NTCA’s accrediting bodies, which is what allows the school to submit transcripts for college or to transfer to another school.

Yes, NTCA is fully accredited – credits will transfer for classes that were completed with a passing grade.

In general, homework will be personalized so that students are equipped to master the next steps in their goal-setting profiles. It is our intent that each student progresses in a consistent, reasonable manner.

We encourage you to apply for the Step-Up or McKay Scholarships if you are eligible. These monies are granted on a first-come basis and are awarded to the student, not to a specific school. We encourage you to work with the NTCA leadership team for scholarship assistance.

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