Stick and Puck

Stick and Puck

Stick & Puck ice times are for players of all levels looking to get on the ice and work on their skills! It is a great opportunity for players to independently practice their shooting, stick handling, and skating skills. These sessions are non-competitive, organized play is not permitted. 

*Important Information*

“All participants under the age of 18 must wear hockey skates, hockey helmet with cage, shin pads, hockey gloves, and have a stick to take part in stick and puck sessions”



    • All players must wear full hockey equipment the ice
    • Players must not take over a section of the ice and stop other players from using it
    • Players must not shoot pucks against the time keeper glass
    • Players must bring their own puck for the ice time to use
    • Goalies skate for free on the ice times
    • Always keep your head up and be aware of other skaters on the ice