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About IC's Hockey Superstars

Our IC’s Hockey Superstars program is the bridge between our Learn to Skate Series and our Rec League. Once your athlete knows the fundamentals of ice skating and they are ready to start incorporating a stick and puck, they can head into our Hockey Superstars program. This program is designed to introduce the basic hockey skills and to prepare them for the next level.

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July 9


IC's Hockey Superstars 101

Ages: 5 to 14

Our IC’s Hockey Superstars 101 program is designed to introduce basic hockey skills, such as stick and puck handling, drill exercises and teamwork. This program is for those ages 14 and under. Athletes must have completed our Learn to Skate series, IC’s Snowballs or IC’s Skate School, to participate. Upon completion, athletes can follow the pipeline to IC’s Hockey Superstars 201 and Rec League.

Required Equipment

class days & times

9 Classes

$ 225
  • Includes Skate Rental
  • Includes 2 Public Skate Passes

Unlimited Classes

$ 450
  • Up to 24 classes
  • Includes Skate Rental
  • Includes Unlimited Public Skate Passes *NOT Valid on Friday Night Meltdown & Themed Skates*


$ 30
  • Includes Skate Rental

IC's Hockey Superstars 201

Ages: 17 and under

Our IC’s Hockey Superstars 201 program is our Learn to Play program. It is designed for individuals who have passed IC’s Hockey Superstars 101 or higher and want to learn the fundamentals of ice hockey. Through different exercises, athletes will learn the skating and hockey skills that are needed to become a great ice hockey player.

Required Equipment

class days & times

5 Classes

$ 150
  • Includes Skate Rental
  • Includes 2 Stick & Puck Sessions

Unlimited Series Pass

$ 300
  • Up to 20 classes
  • Includes Skate Rental
  • Includes 2 Stick and Puck Sessions


$ 35
  • Includes Skate Rental

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers
  • Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before class to get their skates on and prepare for class
  • Adults should arrive at least 20 minutes before class to get their skates on and prepare for class.

Athletes are required to wear full hockey equipment on the ice. 

**NOTE: AdventHealth Center Ice DOES NOT provide or rent helmets, jackets, gloves, gear, or socks.**

  • If you have not already registered, do so at the guest services desk.
  • Skate rentals are available if needed.
  • View locker room and rink assignments on TV screens located in the lobby.
  • Cancellation information will be posted 2-hours before the Class begins.
  • There are no make-up classes.
  • Refunds are ONLY given for the following situations and are strictly enforced:
  • Notification of withdrawal from class two weeks prior to the first lesson.
  • Adult medical emergency with copy of physician’s verification provided.
  • **All requests must be submitted via E-mail to the Hockey Department**

Gift Cards are available at the Front Desk or you can purchase them online!

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