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What’s better than learning how to ice skate in sunny Florida! At AdventHealth Center Ice, our Learn to Skate programs are for those of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are someone who wants to pick up a new hobby or someone who is looking to get into the sports of Figure Skating and Ice hockey, we offer a program for everyone. We offer Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Camps, an extensive Learn to Skate program and a bridging Ice Hockey class for those who have completed our Learn to Skate program and is ready to learn the game of ice hockey! 

Learn to Skate Program

Our Learn to Skate program offers upbeat and interactive classes that provide the fundamentals for recreational or competitive figure skating and ice hockey. We follow a structure that promotes skill development to help the athletes progress to figure skating or hockey. Offering three main programs, IC’s Snowballs, IC’s Skate School, and IC’s Hockey Superstars 101, we strive to help our skaters achieve their goals. Lastly, we follow the Learn to Skate USA nationally recognized program that is endorsed by US Figure Skating and USA Hockey.

From the first steps on the ice to mastering advanced techniques, and from children to adults, our program offers a curriculum for everyone. Our Learn to Skate program offers a dynamic system where athletes progress at their own rate and focus on development based on the ABCs of basic athleticism: Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed. Upon completion of the program, athletes can confidently advance to more focused areas of skating.

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September 26 - November 5
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Learn to Skate Programs

Learn to Skate - Stage 1
Ages 3 to 8

IC’s Snowballs program provides a fun and energetic atmosphere for children who are ready to learn the basic fundamentals of ice skating.

Registration Includes:
Sweatshirt, gloves, and bag

Learn to Skate - Stage 2
Ages 9 and up

IC's Skate School offers structured instructions for athletes at the beginner to intermediate levels that incorporates warm-up and practice time to promote healthy athletic habits.
Registration Includes:
Learn to Skate USA Membership + goodies, gloves, and bag

Learn to Play Hockey
101: Ages 14 and under

IC's Hockey Superstars 101 class is designed to introduce basic hockey skills, such as, stick and puck handling, drill exercises and teamwork. Skaters must have completed IC's Snowballs or Basic 3 of IC's Skate School to participate.
Registration Includes:
Hockey Jersey

Pricing + Packages

6-week Program

Full Program
$ 150 plus tax
  • Includes:
  • Skate Rental for classes
  • 2 Free Public Skate Sessions (skate rental included)
  • *EXCLUDES Friday Night Meltdown & All Themed Skates*


Registration Fee
$ 30 plus tax
  • Fee for each IC's Snowballs, IC's Skate School, and IC's Hockey Superstars 101

unlimited classes

Unlimited Pass
$ 300 plus tax
  • Includes:
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Unlimited Public Skate
  • (Valid for 1 class & 1 Public Skate per day)
    *EXCLUDES Friday Night Meltdown & All Themed Skates*


Sibling Discount 10% off for each additional sibling.

AdventHealth Employee Discount: 10% off packages

(Discounts can not be combined)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

It is recommended that skaters arrive at least 15-minutes prior to class. When you arrive, go to Skate Rental if you need skates. Assistants are available. Proceed to your designated rink and use your ID card to check in for class.

No refunds after the series has started, unless injury with a doctors note.
Make Up classes are available on any day that classes are offered within the current series dates. Prior arrangements are not required, please just come to your appropriate class at your convenience.

IC’s Snowballs: Requires skaters to wear a helmet and pants. Gloves and warm comfortable clothes are recommended.

IC’s Skate School: Requires pants and recommends gloves and warm comfortable clothing.

IC’s Hockey Superstars 101: Full hockey equipment is required.

Ice skates should be tied tight and fit snug on a skater’s foot. Poorly fitted skates can be uncomfortable and prevent a skater from performing skills properly.

Gift cards can be purchased at the Front Desk or online!

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