Open Hockey

Work on your craft at your own pace.

AdventHealth Center Ice offers daily open ice times where players can hit the ice and practice their hockey skills at their own pace. Currently, our Open Hockey sessions are open to all ages, therefore, while on the ice please be considerate of everyone. 

Stick & Puck Rules

  • All players must wear full hockey equipment on the ice
  • Players must not take over a section of the ice and stop other players from using it
  • Players must not shoot pucks against the time keeper glass
  • Players must bring their own puck for the ice time to use
  • Players must provide their own skates. We do not supply rental skates for stick & pucks.
  • Goalies skate for free on the ice times
  • Always keep your head up and be aware of other skaters on the ice

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

If your child is interested in playing ice hockey, the first step is to join our Learn to Skate program. In that program, your child will learn how to ice skate and the skills they need to advance to the next level.

Click here to sign up for Learn to Skate!

If your child already knows the fundamentals of ice skating and is ready to learn the sport of hockey, they will join our IC’s Hockey Superstars 201 program. This program teaches the athlete the game of ice hockey, puck handling, and stick handling.

Click here to sign up for IC’s Hockey Superstars 

Our Rec League program is the perfect start for those athletes who are ready to hit the ice and play hockey full out. These players have already been through our Learn to Skate and IC’s Hockey Superstars program. 

Our Rec League is for those players ages U6/U8, U10, U12 and U14/U16. Each hockey season runs for 4 months, with practices and games on weekends

Click here to learn more about our Rec League

Yes! Our Tampa Bay Crunch Travel Hockey program is a successful hockey program for athletes who are looking for competitive play. The organization is a member of SAHOF and SFHL. We offer A & AA teams from U8-U18 and we strive to offer the best travel hockey experience Florida has to offer. Our top priority is developing players on and off the ice so they can excel and grow as athletes.

Click here to learn more about our Travel Hockey program

We offer several programs for Adults. For those interested in getting back into the game, we have an Adult Hockey League. Our Adult Hockey League has several divisions based on your skill level. There is a league for everyone.

In addition, we also offer Adult Pick-Up and Stick and Puck sessions throughout the week.

Click here to learn more about our Adult Hockey League.

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